Managing ads on social media

When you need to set up and manage your ads on Facebook or Instagram

Problems with ads on social media

  • You need to ‘keep an eye’ on your ads. What was working great yesterday may not be showing good results tomorrow, for many reasons – from increased competition to audience wearing out. 
  • You need to experiment a lot to really hit it. To test a lot of ad versions. To change ads according to different placements (e.g. posts vs stories). This is very time-consuming.
  • The cost of managing ads in agencies or through freelance specialist is often fairly high.

Why you’re better off working with us

  • Our specialists check your ad performance twice a day and suggest edits/changes or make it themselves (depending on how you agreed to work with us).
  • Our team will easily do in minutes what you will only learn for hours how to do. We also have paid access to huge library of stock photos and ad templates which makes it much easier to create ads.
  • We live in Russia, so our cost base is much lower than in US/Europe, so we can charge less. 

What our clients say

‘Can I pay you once to setup ads and not to pay you every month to manage them?’

The answer is yes and no. Yes – in the sense that technically we can set you up some ads once, and then you go manage them yourself. 

And no – in the sense that it really most likely wouldn’t work this way because it is very rare to get such a great ad setup that works fine from the first attempt and for long. Normally it takes a lot of experiments, options tried, different targeting etc to ‘hit’ it. And this all takes a lot of work to put in.

And even then you may experience great difference in performance across the time and somebody needs to glance over it (at least) – to make sure your money isn’t wasted on ads where clicks or sales become extraordinary expensive. 

If your budget on social media ads is below $500

You don’t need an agency to run your advertising. Not ours or anyone’s else.

It is better for you to order a consultation with us or other expert on social media ads and further to run ads by yourself. Work of any agency will substantially increase your expenses, and taking into account such small budget on advertising, actually it most likely will never pay off.

If your budget on social media ads is between $500 and $1000

Managing social media ads will cost in the range of $100 to $200 per month. We can tell more precisely, when we will discuss the project, the ad channels used and understand the volume of work involved on it.

This also assumes that our experts check in the your advertising running at least twice a day – in the morning and in the evening – and either recommend something to you, or make some adjustments ourselves, depending how we agreed to work on this.

If your budget on social media ads is between $1000 and $10 000 per month

Managing social media ads will cost from $300 to $1000 per month. We can tell more precisely when we will discuss the project, the channels going to be used and understand the volume of work on it.

It also assumes that our specialists actually “live” in your project, overseeing advertising almost all the time, constantly making new tests, launching new creative ideas.

We will not take on projects where the budget is more than $10 000 per month. This probably will require more resources for success than we have. But we can recommend other Russian agencies, who can cope with it. Contact us.

What is included in our service of running social media ads?

We help you set up pixels/counters/statistics to properly count conversions and gather a remarketing audience on your website (or if you already had it, we will check their setup and make sure it’s correct).

We customize the ads for your current offers/promotions.

We monitor daily what happens with your advertising, turn off bad ads, create new ones.

It also includes ‘some’ work on creatives, i.e. re-create the design layout from horizontal for Facebook to square one for Instagram or vertical for stories, etc. If you don’t have your designs for ads but you need to run ads – we can take pictures from the stock photos, templates from the templates store and quickly make a good enough ads. This is not custom development of designs and videos (usually such work costs starting from $20 for the design and from $70 for the video – and we can do it too for a fee). Our ‘fast’ approach to ads design based on templates results in the outcome that will look good enough, and for tests in social media you normally don’t need any better.

We have launched over 100 advertising campaigns over the past year, and we understand what to do and how to get results.

Receive your offer for managing social media ads

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