What is ‘evergreen content’? These are articles or blog posts that stay relevant long enough or possibly never lose relevance. Typicall, these are all kinds of basic information, instructions, explanations, FAQ and so on.

For example – this article about empathy map – is an example of evergreen content. Yes, it is fairly basic information for anyone starting their efforts in social media or content production, and yes, the concept of empathy map hasn’t changed for quite a lot of time and probably will never change. So yes, it’s evergreen.

The most important benefit of having some evergreen content on your website is to attract visitors to the site through search. That is, someone somewhere typed in the search “how…” (to do something related to your industry), and probably will get your page in the search engine one of the first. The person might go there, see that you understand the subject and probably buy from you (some day).

The thing is there will always be some inflow of ‘new’ people who are just starting to learn basics in what you do. So there will always be people typing in search things like ‘how to (whatever you do)’ or ‘what is (whatever you know)’. If you post some relevant articles on this the chances are they will find you through search sites like Google.

Ok, the downside is there is a competition, even in content, and it may be quite fierce, depending on what your industry is and how it is developed in content production. So it may happen if you want to post an article like ‘How to make a pancake’ – there will be hundreds of such articles already existing in the world and you have virtually no chance to get through that noise.

What can you do then? Basically, two choices. One – you can create a paid ad which leads to your article. While it will get the job done, it might be fairly costly way of building audience. Second option is that you change your mind and find some other topic for which there are not so much articles posted and you have the chance to stand out.

Still, evergreen content is practically the core of content production. You need it for your site because like I said there will always be people looking for some basic answers, and your evergreen posts have a chance to bring such people to your website.