Landing pages, simple websites and online stores at a very affordable price

We’re like Ikea, but for SME in the web space. Simple and trusted with inexpensive solutions.

How exactly do we save you money?

Just how Ingvar Kamprad would do, should he be a web developer.

  • We use free platforms — WordPress and Woo-Commerce for websites and online stores, and they are actually the leading platforms for web and ecommerce in the world. Millions of sites and tens of thousands online stores are built using them and are to this day still working just fine. Just like yours would be working. By using these free tools you already save up to several thousands’ of dollars on software licenses.
  • We don’t ‘draw’ web designs. You might not yet be aware of this, but there is a huge industry of ready-made templates/themes for web designs of just about every possible style and taste. They are created by professional and experienced web designers and being sold at a very affordable price. They look stunningly beautiful and will be more than ten times cheaper than if you were to order a new web design from scratch.
  • Finally — we’re from Russia, where generally life is much cheaper than in the West, especially now, when Rouble is devastated by lowering oil prices. Even a thousand dollars is a huge sum in Russia now and honestly we don’t even understand what so complex should be on the online store for SME that it would cost more than 1000 dollars to develop


What are the problems you would typically encounter?

  • You’re often pushed to buy some specific platform to build website and then to pay for nearly every addition or functionality. 
  • You could be talked into web developers doing a special and unique design ‘specially for you’, ‘so your web site will be unique’. What a crap is that! You’ll waste huge money instead of buying really good ready-made design for fraction of that price.
  • You may be tricked into ordering constant support because the platform you have a website made which is so complex, you can’t even create a new blog post, so you have to pay external support to do that for you. 

Why you’re probably better off with us

  • We truly believe this is nonsense for SME to buy some platform for their website when such a great platforms as WordPress and Woo-Commerce are available for free.
  • We just don’t do web design. We buy ready-made designs and adjust them for you — like changing some pics, logos, text, and this is just so much cheaper than to develop it fully. And if the same template is already used on some websites in another country and industry that you didn’t even know existed — why would it matter? 
  • WordPress is so simple to use. If you ever posted to Facebook or sent an email, you’ll be capable of changing some bits and pieces on your own site or online store by yourself, without calling for expensive support. We will show you how to do it via Skype so you can do it yourself.

Have a look at what we've already created

Some people say our approach to web development is simplistic or primitive. Could you say that from looking at these nice looking and working websites? Fair warning though - these sites are in Russian, but you would definitely be able to check how they appear and function.

  • Star Consulting website

    This is fairly simple, but still nice website of consulting business

  • Likezilla website

    This very website. Do you like that? Does it look good? We’ll do same kind of job for you.

  • Slidiki online store

    This is working example of online store created with WooCommerce platform.

How much does it cost?

All options below will be adapted for a client (logo, text, pics), but we expect our client to have some ready text, pics and logo he/she would like to be used with this. We can help with photos from stock (for free to some extent) and we do some basic finishing/editing, but generally, all that we put into it is expected to be provided by the client.

Landing page

This is very simple one-page website. Simple, but yet professionally looking, and does it what it is made for - to collect contact info from leads.
from $190
Includes purchasing of professional design (which is included in this price)
Includes setting up Google Analytics
This will be done in 1 week if all content is ready

Simple website

Simple website based on the WordPress, with the ability to create, edit and publish pages, and also includes blog functionality (look at this very site - just like this one).
from $390
Includes purchasing of professional design (which is included in this price)
Very simple and intuitive system for creating/editing products, pages or blog posts. We will provide instructions and training over Skype
Includes setting up Google Analytics and some typical, most-used plugins for extended functionality (agreed per case)
Will be done in 1-2 weeks, depending on the site structure and if all content is ready

We Russians put the first man into space

Setting up your landing page, website or online store is not really a complex feat for us

Need a landing page, website or online store? Drop us a line!

We will contact you and clarify your requirements, will demo our existing sites and back-ends of it so that you'll be certain that everything is going to be just great.

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